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Wide range of strategic advisory and transaction experience

Our team has a wide range of strategic advisory and transaction experience. Prior to forming Royalmount Capital Corporation, our partners worked in the following capacities: in-house corporate development, M&A attorney with large international law firm, capital raising and public market derivative advisory with bulge-bracket investment bank.

We also understand that industry expertise is only part of the bigger picture. We seek to know our client’s business as well as a veteran employee does and to develop strong, long-lasting relationships.


02. We serve clients in a broad range of sectors, including:

•    Restructuring working capital (freight forwarder)
•    Divesting (non profitable subsidiary)
•    Acquisition (concentration)
•    Privatization of a publically traded corporation
•    Restructuring debts


03. Added Value

We have focused on investing entrepreneurial capital to support the growth of its portfolio companies and help them become world class companies. Our mission is to add value to each business we invest in.

Based on our freight consulting experience, we have identified four key M&A trends that will impact the freight and logistics industry in the next several years:

  • Consolidation is likely to continue because the freight and logistics market remains highly fragmented.

  • The aspiration to attain a strong position near rapidly growing markets is likely to fuel M&A activity in emerging markets.

  • China’s quest to become an influential freight and logistics player quickly is expected to increase competition for potential Chinese targets, especially for those with favourable inland accessibility.

  • Specialist providers will become increasingly attractive targets for freight forwarders and contract logistic companies pursuing growth in verticals or complementary growth in value-added services.

Royalmount Capital Corporation believes it has the unique ability to look at an outwardly difficult situation and see value for the future. The firm seeks to perform rigorous analysis of both the industry and the individual company before making an investment. Industries in transition, whether through secular or cyclical forces, often represent opportunities. The firm follows well-developed investment themes and continually re-evaluates its macro views and strategies.

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